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The Dentist, Teeth, and Maintaining Overall Health

You may not think about it in these terms, but any dentist will tell you that maintaining a healthy smile can go a long way when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Even today, study after study has been done proving the link between good oral health and the …


How to Brush Teeth With Braces

For someone who brushes regularly, tooth decay comes as little to no worry. But for the people busy doing things they love and forget about brushing on time, sometimes to the extent of not brushing for days, the issue of tooth decay poses some serious dental health risks.
Tooth decay …

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Tips on Ferret Teeth Care

Just like any other pets, ferrets must have their personally hygiene too. Your ferret will need to be bath to make sure that all of its body parts are clean. You will also have to trim its nails and clean its ears, coat and most of all its teeth.
The …


Options for Straightening Teeth

Many people, young and old, suffer from dental issues. Whether you have to get root canals or braces, visiting the dentist or orthodontist can be a source of contention for several, especially if the burden of paying for these visits falls on your shoulders. That is why having good dental …

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A Closer Look at Wisdom Teeth

Should they present a bad position or bring on you plenty of soreness or distress, these will have to be removed.
When the wisdom teeth initially come in, they’ll at times end up being impacted. Impacted teeth will typically need to be extracted. Sometimes they can be pulled, although in …

Maintaining Dental Health

Need To Find Work? Fix Your Teeth

Bad teeth may not only have negative consequences for your health, they can cost you a job.
Many people with visibly unattractive teeth go through life avoiding eye contact with strangers for fear of having to smile back or even to make small talk. Not infrequently, when such people do …

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How to Keep Teeth Straight After Invisalign

Patients love how beautiful their smile is after undergoing the Invisalign treatment. Their smile is bright, straight, and helps to give their confidence a huge boost. But, without the proper care and diligence after the treatment, the effects How Can Medical Conditions Affect Oral Health won’t last. This happens more …

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I Needed New Teeth – Lots Of Them (Part 1)

As I was growing up in the West of Ireland, I was never very diligent about brushing my teeth. I would brush them occasionally or when my mum would prompt me to do so, but more often than not, they didn’t see much toothpaste. All the warnings about tooth decay …

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How To Effectively Take Care Of Your Teeth!

Whenever you have your photo taken, like most people, I am guessing you would show off a great big grin and exhibit your teeth for the world to bear witness. The state of your teeth exudes something about you. I believe that a healthy set of teeth can tell a …


Foods That Keep Your Teeth White

We all know that the two most important keys to keeping our teeth healthy and shiny white are brushing regularly and flossing. But our diet is also a factor in how pearly white our smiles will be.
Eating all the time is bad for the obvious reasons: you are likely …