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Foods That Keep Your Teeth White

We all know that the two most important keys to keeping our teeth healthy and shiny white are brushing regularly and flossing. But our diet is also a factor in how pearly white our smiles will be.
Eating all the time is bad for the obvious reasons: you are likely to Types Of Mouthwash be overweight. But overeating can also be bad for your dental health.
“If you snack all the time, you expose your teeth again and again to foods that can erode enamel,” says Anthony M. Iacopino, DMD, PhD, dean of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry.
Now, here is a look at what foods actually support a healthy Lumineers Teeth smile… some of them may come as a surprise!
Sugar-free drinks – While water is your best choice, since it helps wash acid-producing foods from your mouth, sugar-free drinks may also help prevent cavities.
Citrus fruit – “But, these fruit are acidic,” you might say. But citrus fruit actually increases saliva flow. In fact, citrus fruit also protects your teeth’s enamel, according to research.
Sugar-free chewing gum – Chewing gum also increases the flow of your saliva, which will help neutralize acids in your mouth. But you need to make it sugar-free.
Dairy (cheese and milk) – The protein, calcium and phosphorous in cheese and milk buffer acids, which protects your teeth’s enamel from erosion. But they also ward off cavities by encouraging saliva production. Studies lend credence to the idea that cheese and milk may also help strengthen the protective minerals in the surface of your teeth.
Cocoa – Hey, who says that sweets can’t be healthy? Substances found in cocoa seem to dampen inflammation and may help protect against erosion and decay. While it may not be the healthiest drink, even chocolate milk doesn’t seem to increase the risk of cavities compared to cookies and chips. It’s best to go with dark chocolate since it is lower in sugar than milk chocolate.
Omega-3 fatty acids – Gum disease is the biggest threat to healthy teeth, which occurs when bacteria build underneath the gum lining. This causes inflammation that can damage the connective tissue that anchors teeth to bone. Foods that reduce inflammation may protect against gum disease. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, fish oil, and flaxseed, are the most potent anti-inflammatory nutrients you can find.
A study was just released that shows promise for omega-3’s gum disease-fighting powers.
“The bacteria involved (in gum disease) seem to need inflammation to grow,” says Dr. Kenneth J. Mukamal of Harvard Medical School. “Indeed, anti-inflammatory treatment with omega-3’s seems to help experimental periodontitis in rabbits. Our hope was to extend that to humans.”