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The Truth About Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

There is a multi-million dollar market out there for teeth whitening products. There are grocery store options that range from toothpastes claiming they help whiten your teeth to kits with mouthpieces and gel that you wear overnight for the same benefit. At drugstores and some larger department stores you will also find more involved and expensive kits for brightening your smile. Dentists have even joined in the fray, doing treatments in their offices for hundreds of dollars each. Some people do not want to put tons of money into whitening their teeth, while others want a solution that is more natural. Using hydrogen peroxide can satisfy both these needs.
Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening can be a safe and effective way to do the job, and most of us already have it in our homes. Truth is using hydrogen peroxide in your mouth has additional benefits. Gargling or rinsing with it also helps clean the mouth out, helping with bad breath, mouth sores, and Dental Articles Free bacteria in general. Studies have also shown it to strengthen teeth as well as fortify cavities, which means it can possibly repair damage. It is unclear yet, though, how it affects fillings, so if you have more than a few of these, you may want to rinse and brush with the peroxide less often.
So how exactly does one go about using peroxide teeth whitening? It is about as simple as it sounds. You use 3% hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth in an up and down motion, taking your time. In addition, you should rinse with it. Do this as often as you typically brush for the best results. If you find your gums get irritated, simply use the peroxide less often and see if that eliminates the problem. Some people have reported that over time they find their teeth becoming more sensitive, but this is rare.
Some other tips are to soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide for a few seconds each day. Not only does this disinfect the toothbrush, it also adds to the whitening benefits of brushing. Although it can save you time and money at the dentist, you still should go to a dentist regularly for check ups. Make him or her aware of your whitening procedures to be sure you are doing it correctly.
Having brighter, whiter teeth feels great and boosts confidence. There are indeed many choices out there to make yours as white as you want them, but you have to pay for them continually due to the need for ongoing maintenance. If you do not want to pour out a lot of money, peroxide teeth whitening is a cheaper, more natural, and effective route to go.
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