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Tooth development is a big deal when we’re young: our first tooth, first loose tooth, first full-grown adult tooth. Captain Dental Hero may visit a child’s school and teach the ins-and-outs Dental Careers List of dental care. How to brush, floss and how frequently. Remember those chalky little pink chews that make the plaque show up on your teeth or the blue liquid rinse?
Why is it for some of us (maybe even most of us) when we pass adolescence and our first major tooth development milestones, tooth care suddenly turns to popping a piece of gum on the way out the door, or a quick swish of peppermint-intense mouthwash before a big meeting or interview? We’ve developed bad oral health care habits, like haphazard brushing before bed or not using the floss that we purchased with the best intentions to use it.
So what are some problems that come with poor dental health care? The two most obvious issues that come to mind are 1) bad breath and 2) a toothache. We may not realize we have bad breath (potentially halitosis) until we notice our friends’ and associates’ eyes are watering when we’re talking to them in close proximity. While your bad breath may not be offensive to YOU, it sure is to others. That can put a cramp in anyone’s style. And how about that toothache? Have you ever had that throbbing, pounding, electric zinging feeling in any of your teeth, whether triggered by eating something too hot or too cold, or a piece of candy, or for no apparent reason at all? I’ve had two children and I can tell you that I think I’d pick labor pains over a nasty toothache. It’s sheer misery!
These two issues, while in the scheme of things may not the *worst* tooth care issues, are certainly worth discussing. When it comes Tooth Care Products right down to it, they’re both preventable. How? The answer may seem fairly obvious, but you may only have part of the answer.
For starters, brush and floss. Yes, this is very important, but it’s really only part of the cure for bad breath or the prevention of a toothache.
We can brush our teeth to get rid of food buildup or other bacteria that may be causing bad breath. You can brush your teeth to get rid of food residue and plaque that may be eating away at your tooth’s enamel.
But what if you still have bad breath or get toothaches?
This is where Captain Dental Hero comes in. You guessed it: your friendly neighborhood dentist. He or she can check your oral and dental health to let you know if your funky halitosis is caused by a greater problem, say an oral disease or other infection that isn’t readily identified by a non-dental-health-provider. Your toothache may be caused by that cavity you didn’t know you had way back when that’s progressed so far that brushing can’t undo the damage, and now you need a professional to head off the decay and take care of your tooth by repairing and restoring it.
Taking care of your teeth properly every day – brushing after meals, flossing after meals, and a routine visit to your dentist – can help prevent issues like bad breath and toothaches. And if you’re a little late with your routine, it’s okay. Your dentist will help you establish a routine for you to care for your teeth from here out, as well as a treatment plan for any sort of problem that may arise.