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Dental Anesthesia for Kids and the Role of the Dentistry Expert Witness

One of a parent’s worst nightmares is not getting your child back after a routine dental checkup. In 2011 alone, there are at least three instances of child fatalities attributed to the sedation Oral Health America processes done during dental work. If you suspect the same thing happened to you or someone you know, a dentistry expert witness may be able to go through the medical processes with you.
Medical Record Check
Children with medical conditions may not respond well to certain sedatives. Those with heart problems may find it hard to endure gas anesthetics. Some states require all dentists to maintain patient medical history. Yet some dentistry experts will argue that it is not the standard of care for dentists to mandate a prior consultation for patients with heart problems or medical conditions.
Certification for Anesthesiology
An anesthesiologist needs to be certified by either the American Board of Anesthesiology or the American Osteopathic Board of Anesthesiology, depending on his specialization and medical practices. A dentistry expert witness will tell you that not one state requires either accreditation in order for a dentist to perform general anesthesia. Check with a dentistry expert witness in your state to check how many years of anesthesiology training are required before a dentist can use advanced sedation techniques.
Vital Sign Monitoring Equipment
When a patient goes under the knife, it is standard to assess the heart or pulse rate, temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and level of consciousness. Each state has a different set of rules and prerequisites when it comes to monitoring the condition of a dental patient undergoing anesthesia. Consult with a dentistry expert who will be able to give you information not just on the existing state laws for dental surgery but on the guidelines provided by anesthesiology trainings.
The Papoose Board
A very controversial practice, the use of a seat or bed that straps a child in place is common in most dental clinics. It helps keep the patient still for the operation while protecting him or her and the dental staff from injury. Dentistry expert witnesses may have different opinions with regard to this procedure, especially if the parents had signed a consent form.
Most people forget that some dental operations are still surgical in nature and pose a threat to a child’s life. Sometimes, the real problem Tooth Decay Articles is in the lack of preventive measures. Get a dentistry expert witness’ help to avert such tragedies from happening with other children.