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Oregano Oil and Dental Health

Dental surgeons will tell you that decay of teeth is caused by many types of bacteria, in particular, a variety called “strep” (Streptococcus).

These bacteria feed on carbohydrates, in particular Dental Clinic Jakarta sugars. The result of feeding these bacteria is:

A build up of plaque which saliva cannot Dental Procedure Articles penetrate to neutralise acid waste

Then decay

Following which the bacteria may travel to the root and surrounding tissue

Treatment from a dental surgeon then becomes expensive, especially if “root canal therapy” is performed. Root canal therapy is suggested because there is infection and inflammation, and/or an abscess is at the root of the tooth. The surgeon will wish to clean out the central nerve and insert antibiotics to reach the abscess. Note that this will also discolour the tooth. Well, what if you can kill the bacteria in the abscess from without, using a solution of natural chemicals that penetrate the gum tissue to reach the abscess. Enter Oil of Oregano!


Kill the bacteria regularly with a drop of oil of oregano on toothpaste everyday.


When we get a toothache or an abscess, it is necessary to quickly kill the bacteria. An extreme measure is required. Place 2 drops of oil of oregano under the tongue and use your tongue for 15 seconds to spread it all around the inside of the mouth and over gums. Then take a small mouthful of water and rigorously swirl around the mouth for another 15 seconds, then pressure and hold the liquid over the area of pain for at least another minute, then spit it out. This will work for toothache and abscesses. One can avoid “root canal therapy” this way but ensure that the tooth is sealed by the dentist if it hasn’t been done. There are many people, including myself, who will guarantee that this works, through personal experience. Blended oil that is 1/4 oregano, with over 80% carvacrol in the oregano oil, will work best.