If you have lost all or most of your teeth to decay or gum disease, then you may think a removable denture or individual implants are your only solution, but hybrid dentures offer an alternative. Hybrid dentures are sometimes called fixed-removable dentures and are supported on implants with the denture being screwed securely into place. This treatment is especially suitable for those who have suffered significant bone resorption in their jaw over many years, and who find it difficult to keep a denture in place.
Who Can Have Hybrid Dentures?
A dentist will evaluate your eligibility for the procedure and will decide how many implants are required to support the prosthesis. In general a hybrid denture requires several implants for stability, and once they are placed they’ll need to be left to heal. When the healing process is fully completed we can connect them to abutments ready for the denture to be screwed into place. The denture is constructed on top of either a milled titanium bar or a cast gold bar, and is designed to allow easy access to the screws. These screws are not visible, and the access holes are sometimes filled in with tooth colored composite material.
They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to have fixed teeth, but who doesn’t want to have individual implants to replace each missing tooth. A hybrid denture isn’t quite the same as having individual teeth but does give good aesthetic results, supporting your lips and cheeks and allowing you to eat normally.
Advantages of Getting the Dentures
Unlike ordinary dentures you don’t need to take them out every night for cleaning as they are hygienically constructed to enable you to clean underneath, but you will need to return to us a couple of times a year to have the denture unscrewed and professionally cleaned.
You’ll find a hybrid denture much less bulky than a removable denture, especially if it is to replace your upper teeth. A normal removable denture covers the Dentist Job Salary roof of the mouth whereas a hybrid denture leaves this portion open, which not only feels much more natural but enables you to taste your food properly.
Hybrid dentures are far more stable than ordinary dentures as they cannot move around on the ridge of the jaw. Because they are firmly What Are The Different Fields Of Dentistry anchored into place by the implants they don’t create any soreness, and patients can often enjoy a much greater variety of food.