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How to Keep Teeth Straight After Invisalign

Patients love how beautiful their smile is after undergoing the Invisalign treatment. Their smile is bright, straight, and helps to give their confidence a huge boost. But, without the proper care and diligence after the treatment, the effects How Can Medical Conditions Affect Oral Health won’t last. This happens more than people think. However, a cosmetic dentist can provide several recommendations to prevent this from happening and ensure patients are able to enjoy their stunning, straight smile long into the future.
Why Teeth Move:
Throughout life, teeth will move in the gums; it’s a natural part of life. This constant motion naturally controls the alignment of the teeth to ensure that all the teeth meet when closed. Molars, in particular, tend to move forward while premolars tend to move towards the back of the mouth. Unfortunately, this can also cause smiles to misalign and go crooked. And once they start to move out of alignment, things can go horribly wrong.
Other situations can also cause a smile to go crooked. If a cosmetic dentist removes a tooth or one goes missing, the rest of them will slowly move closer together. Unfortunately, this can also cause TMJ dysfunction and problems with wearing on the jawbone. Gum disease can also weaken the hold gums have on each tooth, which makes them lose and causes them to buckle.
How Invisalign Works:
Instead of metal, this system uses a series of clear plastic trays that are designed specifically by the cosmetic dentist for each patient through computer imaging. These trays place a slight pressure on each tooth in the right spot to gently encourage them to move into the correct position. And, as the teeth move, new trays are made and put in place to keep an even pressure on them.
Patients wear each aligner for approximately two weeks at a time, 24 hours a day. They are only removed when eating, brushing, or flossing. In all, the process can include anywhere from 15-30 different trays.
Keeping Teeth Straight:
After the Invisalign treatment is complete, the dentist will likely have a set of small appliances made to wear instead. Called retainers, these appliances have a wire that goes around the teeth to help hold them straight and give the gums a chance to reset and strengthen around the teeth. Without it, the teeth will eventually move back to their previous positions and all the effects of the treatment will disappear.
Generally, retainers are worn continuously for the first month. Afterward, patients only need to wear them at night. As for how long they’ll need to wear the Best Endodontist In Delhi retainers, this will depend on how crooked the teeth were prior to treatment and how strong the gums have become in the months following the treatment.
Invisalign is a popular treatment for patients with crooked teeth. They easily correct the problem. Unlike traditional braces, they are virtually undetectable. And, so long as the cosmetic dentist’s instructions are followed, the results will last for years to come.