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There are various ways in which cosmetic dentists can gift you the perfect smile. You do not have to rush to obscure corners of the planet to find qualified dentists because Tacoma boasts of dentists who have the expertise to administer these treatments. The different techniques Tacoma cosmetic dentistry uses are briefly described below.
Porcelain veneers
In this method a layer of the tooth is peeled off and replaced with a porcelain veneer. The peeling off ensures that the thickness of the tooth remains unchanged. The veneers are designed to fill up gaps between teeth and change the shape or color of teeth. Veneers are a permanent solution because they are attached to the tooth with the help of latest bonding techniques.
Laser treatment
When the tissues of the gum cover too much of teeth, the teeth tend to look ugly. Apart from hereditary factors, certain health conditions and the use of some common blood pressure medicines cause gummy smiles. Diabetes And Tooth Extraction It is possible to get rid of the overgrown gums through a laser treatment. The laser vaporizes the tissue that is not required to ensure a well proportioned smile. The process is swift and usually painless.
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is done by bleaching the teeth. It is always advisable to go to a dentist for whitening one’s teeth. The techniques that dentists use are safer and more effective than ready to use teeth whitening kits available at stores.
The small posts made of titanium that are placed in the jawbone are called dental implants. These implants bond with the bone of the jaw and ensure that replaced teeth function and look like natural teeth. The use of implants also ensures that natural contours of the face are retained.
Bridges are custom made teeth, or a single tooth, permanently fitted between healthy teeth. Bridges cure gum disease, bone loss, speech difficulties, and bite problems.
Tooth colored Can You Get Dental Insurance And Then Cancel? fillings
These composite filling are not just appealing to the eye. They also do not harm the teeth like metal fillings. Metal amalgams are sensitive to changes in temperature. The expansion and contraction due to variations in temperature weaken the tooth wall and cause fractures. Bacteria enter these cracks and the result is tooth decay.
Most of these procedures are practically painless and have few side effects. Therefore, do not hesitate! Get in touch with a Tacoma cosmetic dentist and make your tooth problems a thing of the past.