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Replace Defective Fillings With Crowns For Cosmetics Dentistry

Dental crowns are a process of tooth restoration, wherein, a cap is fixed to the tooth in order to give the appearance of proportionality. When a crown is cemented on to the tooth, it cups over that portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line. Crowns for cosmetic dentistry are gaining popularity with increasing number of people using these ‘tooth caps’ to replace defective fillings.

Fillings, too, is an effective kind of dental restoration method which ‘fills’ in the fractured portion of the tooth. However, a crown’s advantage over fillings lies in the fact that it encases the entire exposed region like a second surface, thus lending a new, fresh look to the tooth.

Need and Types of Crowns for Cosmetics Dentistry

Dental crowns are used when the tooth undergoes tremendous decay and does not have a tooth structure to support a filling in order to maintain functionality. Also when a big portion of the tooth has been fractured and cannot be restored by traditional composite bonding processes.

One can opt for additional protection to one tooth’s composite filling or a dental implant. A crown is generally fitted to the precarious joint of the titanium implant. Cases where one has a root canal treatment done can also add a crown to the tooth to strengthen it.

People who have a habit of grinding one’s teeth and acid erosion may reduce the size of the teeth to the extent where the most viable option is to crown them. However, for purely aesthetic reasons, porcelain cosmetic crowns are the best looking materials used in this method.

Crowns for cosmetics dentistry can be made of:

Porcelain fused with metal: These can be matched to teeth color. However, this material is subject to greater wear and tear than resin or metal.

All metal: This includes alloys of gold, palladium, nickel and chromium. In comparison to other types of crown, less of the tooth structure has to be removed. They are very durable. The main drawback is the metallic color.

All resin: These are less expensive than the others History Of Dentistry Ppt but are more prone to wear and fractures.

All ceramic or porcelain: This perfectly matches Dentalplans Com Corporate Office teeth color but are not very durable.

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