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Canine Teeth Concerns – Why I Was Surprised To See My Daughter Brush Her Dog’s Teeth

When it comes to canine teeth care, I guess you can call me a minimalist. It had never occurred to me that a dog would benefit from a dental brushing. After all, the various canine species in the wild are never able to benefit from this hygienic maneuver. What is this canine teeth brushing all about?
Some humans seem to have more trouble with their teeth than others. I fall into the more category. I believe I am genetically predisposed to dental problems. I have to take care of my teeth. That includes brushing and any routine maintenance that seems reasonable. If you were to lump me together with a group of other folks, I would be one of those more likely to experience dental problems. This is despite the fact that I do make an effort to floss, brush and clean my teeth.
In the wild, dogs tend to clean their teeth by consuming rough items like bone and sinew. Still, the wild canine life style makes the individual dog at risk for dental problems. When a Dental Insurance That Covers Dentures 100 dog in the wild does encounter a problem such as tooth abscess or root canal problem, there is no one to relieve the problem. Dental problems can be fatal under these circumstances.
It turns out that dogs anywhere can be subject to tartar and plaque. Dental tartar and plaque are related. Tartar is the paste that can accumulate in the mouth. Tartar is composed of saliva, bacteria and fungus that interact with each other. In the process of interaction, the surrounding tissues, in this case the teeth or gums, may be injured. This leads to dental cavities, decay, abscesses and root canal problems. When tartar hardens and matures, it becomes plaque. Sound familiar?
Both dogs and humans produce tartar and plaque. The consequences of plaque are much the same in dogs and humans. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for my daughter to brush her dog’s teeth. I had not seen it before and was a little embarrassed that I had not thought of it.
You can also help your canine buddy with dental care by looking in the mouth. Do you see inflammation, receding gums, cavities etc. What is the normal appearance of your dog’s teeth and mouth? Take a look. You may be able to avoid bigger problems.
My daughter made a point of brushing her dog’s teeth at least once a was the 20th century approach to canine dental Best Dental Hospitals care. As we continue into the 21st century, there are some new techniques for maintaining canine teeth.