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No Smile Left Behind: You, Your Dentist, and Your Child’s Teeth

You’ve made the leap and invested further into your child’s smile by getting him braces. The constant reminders to brush and floss, the trips to the dentist, and the bottles of mouth rinse kept the cavities and gingivitis at bay, but they never would have fixed that goofy overbite your child inherited. At the time, your child probably wasn’t very happy to hear of this new addition to his mouth, but he’ll thank you someday. Dentist Near Me Open On Saturday Aligning his teeth will make all those good oral hygiene habits you’re reinforcing even more effective! Children with crooked teeth cannot floss and brush nearly as well as straight-toothed ones; they will statistically always have more cavities and more frequent visits to the dentist. To make the best of your oral investment, here are some tips and pointers on keeping your child happy and his braces well maintained.
At first, your child may feel some soreness in his teeth after the braces are installed. There is also minor jaw pain due to the shifting of your child’s teeth over time, and if your child’s gums are sensitive, they might experience some cuts and scrapes due to the metal brackets. This discomfort is best dealt with by rinsing the mouth with warm salt water News In The Dental Industry and by ingesting small amounts of ibuprofen. Chewing sugarless gum can help ease jaw soreness, and some orthodontists and dentists even provide dental wax to apply to sore areas, but if severe pain persists after a couple days, be sure to contact your dentist and orthodontist. If your child is active on sports teams, remember to make him wear a mouthguard.
If you weren’t already keeping an eye on your child’s diet, now is the best time to start! Chewy, sticky, crunchy snacks should go off the menu for a bit while you and your child grow accustomed to maintaining the braces. Stick to soft foods at first; soups, stews, and dishes that are mashed or served with gravy and sauce are easy for your child to eat with braces. When preparing meals for your family, imagine having to cut harder dishes into tiny pieces so as to not get stuck in the braces or pop any brackets, poking your child’s cheeks.
With this new addition to your child’s mouth comes new oral hygiene habits! After every meal, your child must brush for at least two minutes. If your child used an electric toothbrush before, now is the time to switch to a smaller bristled toothbrush which can get in the tiny gaps and spaces between the braces and your child’s teeth. Brushing is more important than ever now that there are even more surfaces in your child’s mouth for food particles and remnants to get snagged on and grow harmful bacteria.
Don’t forget, you’re forcing your child to embrace these new healthy habits, so remember to give him some control over the situation. Let your child customize his braces with colored bands of his choosing. Also remind him that his friends will soon accept his braces as a normal part of his appearance, and even if they don’t, he will have better looking teeth than them someday!