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Need To Find Work? Fix Your Teeth

Bad teeth may not only have negative consequences for your health, they can cost you a job.
Many people with visibly unattractive teeth go through life avoiding eye contact with strangers for fear of having to smile back or even to make small talk. Not infrequently, when such people do talk or feel compelled to smile, they cover their mouths with their hand.
Unfortunately, in a job interview, this will not go over well. Yet, for the person with dental problems, to smile or talk would compel them to reveal something they are deeply embarrassed about – their teeth. There is an old saying that Recent Dental Advances you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And first impressions are typically based upon appearance. Your teeth, or even your breath, can either enhance or completely destroy your chances of landing that new position.
Teeth that are blackened by decay, are crooked, discolored, or even missing may not just be embarrassing – they may turn off prospective employers. Also, hiding your smile during an interview can be one of the worst things you do. A smile and a confident response project self-assurance and make a person appear likeable.
This is just one of many subtleties employers may take into account when interviewing a prospect. Teeth that are stained by coffee, tea or cigarettes may distract the interviewer from what is really important – you and your qualifications. Likewise, coffee and cigarettes leave a smell that can be easily detected. Apart from not showing visible stains, a prospective job-seeker should also avoid certain other foods shortly before their interview. The most obvious offenders are garlic, onions, anchovies or tuna. But it is also prudent to steer clear of such lunch meats such as salami, pepperoni or pastrami before your interview. Strong cheeses, such as Roquefort, Camembert, or Bleu cheese also leave persisting odors and, similarly, should be avoided.
Women are cautioned to avoid getting lipstick on their teeth. Softer shades or lip gloss are preferable to bright red. Lipstick on your teeth can give you the appearance of being careless or hurried – which may also sink your prospects the moment you open your mouth to speak.
In today’s economy, competition for work is fierce. Applicants need every advantage they can get to land the job. Applicants’ teeth need to be as good looking as the way they dress, comb their hair, or even shine their shoes, because employers can afford to be selective with so many qualified people looking for work.
Recent research conducted in the U.S. estimates that those prospects with well-maintained teeth experience as much as a 58% higher chance of finding a job than those whose teeth are perceived as unattractive. It also seems that potential employees who have invested in dental treatment with cosmetic dentistry are regarded as more professional, congenial, and trustworthy.
Individuals seeking employment can increase their chances of getting work by taking several steps before their interview. These include getting a dental examination, completing unfinished restorative work and possibly even having cosmetic dentistry. The number of job Gum Abscess Home Treatment seekers getting their teeth whitened and getting porcelain veneers placed (as a way to increase their chances of hiring success) is increasing for these very reasons. So what do you do if you can’t afford a Hollywood smile? Don’t worry, there are affordable answers.
If you need a lot of work and it is out of your reach, temporary cosmetic solutions such as a Snap-On SmileA� can make a dramatic change in your appearance – very often at less than one quarter the cost of a more permanent solution. This is on the order of a functional, but temporary, smile design that snaps over your natural teeth. Once you land the job and start making an income, you can consider something more permanent!