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Dental Care – Basic Guide and Short Overview

Dental Care is very basic and important part of every day life. These days people know very little about their teeth and Dental Associates Dental Implants its care. There are few things which should be taken care of to keep your teeth free of caries and other diseases.
Brushing your teeth regularly. Twice a day is good. The reason is very much simple. when you eat something it leaves a smear layer on the teeth, which facilitates the plaque accumulation which later becomes harder to make calculus and finally it provides excellent habitat for colonization of bacteria which cause decay or caries.
Within a day there are 2 Million bacteria are collected on the teeth surface, so think about a person who skips tooth-brushing for only 1 day.. he will be cleaning at least 4 million bacteria from his teeth the next day with highest possibilities of missing at least 30% of the bacteria even after complete and thorough cleaning.
Whenever you brush your teeth you need to take care about cleaning the area between your two teeth, its called inter-dental area. There are lot of aids available to clean the inter-dental areas, specially floss. There are lot of methods on how to use a floss, you can try using some good Smooth Surface Cavity floss present in the world market. Floss will remove plaque and calculus from the space between two teeth as well as from the mesial and distal surfaces [unreachable by toothbrushes. You need to know about tooth-brushing techniques also in order to clean all the surfaces of teeth.