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Solutions for Missing Teeth and Low Self Esteem

“Things fall apart,” says Chinua Achebe. How much of your child’s inheritance will you spend on cosmetic procedures that try to recover a youthful appearance? I am referring to a woman’s vanity or “The Metro Man’s” emphasis on facial imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars or tooth loss. Yes, tooth loss is among the many concerns people who are concerned about their appearance, struggle with. Of the many causes of tooth loss, periodontal disease and poor dental hygiene top the list as to why people loose teeth.
The Price of Neglect or Periodontal Disease
Letting a missing tooth go untreated will eventually cause further dental complications and additional tooth loss. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding jawbone structure no longer receives the stimulation it requires in order to regenerate itself. This ultimately leads to deterioration of jawbone tissue. Possibly a bigger problem that comes from losing teeth are the negative psychological and emotional effects on the individual. The Problems In The Dental Industry teeth are definitely an important tool in the aspect of digestion. That’s why the untimely loss of teeth can possibly cause dramatic changes in ones eating habits. The result could be loss of weight, poor nutrition and simply your inability to enjoy your meal anymore. Socializing would be more of a challenge because that wonderful smile of yours is gone. In the end, the loss of teeth could really affect the overall personality.
Oral Reconstructive Broken Tooth In Gum After Extraction Surgery
However, there are several oral reconstructive surgery procedures available that treat this kind of problem. With the aid of modern dental advancement and technology, tooth loss can be mended in two ways. First is the conventional denture placement which serves its purpose of replacing those lost teeth. Although it is widely patronized for its economical value, its drawback lies on the inconvenience of maintaining dentures and diminished tear strength when chewing. Because they are not permanently fixed there is always a possibility that it will fall out. Imagine your horror when in the middle of a good laugh your dentures pop-out. No need to elaborate on that. Although much advancement in denture technology, they still tend to give that artificial look. Some of the greatest advancements in cosmetic dentistry in the Delaware Valley are those that involve dental implants. By its look and function, one could not tell the difference of dental implants to that of real teeth. Because they are permanently fixed to the gums, there is little to be concerned about when you do have that belly laugh. Diet and eating concerns are not attributed to dental implants and often nutrition improves when compared to the pain of missing or broken teeth. Most dental implant candidates, like those in Pennsylvania, are advised to seek out an expert dental implant dentist in PA. There are actually numerous centers that offer such dental implants in Montgomery County PA.
According to some of the best dental surgeons in Philadelphia, the process of permanently inserting these dental implants is accomplished with more ease today than even 10 years ago. Titanium parts serve as the anchor for the new teeth and then strongly fastened to be as sturdy as an original tooth can be. The whole process might sound complicated but a periodontal treatment expert near Cheltenham PA assures us that with their expertise, you are in good hands. Like most implant dentist in Philadelphia could say, this dental surgery is less painful and much faster.