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Dental Implants – Covering That Missing Tooth

Dental implants are usually a cover up for a lost tooth. This procedure might be slightly painful and takes several months to complete. As this deal with the altering of your tooth cavity, it is advisable to have it done by a specialist only. Dentists carrying out the dental implants …

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Solutions for Missing Teeth and Low Self Esteem

“Things fall apart,” says Chinua Achebe. How much of your child’s inheritance will you spend on cosmetic procedures that try to recover a youthful appearance? I am referring to a woman’s vanity or “The Metro Man’s” emphasis on facial imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars or tooth loss. Yes, tooth loss …

Dental Caries

Missing Teeth: A Guide to Understanding Dental Implants

If you are reading this article then you probably already know what dental implants are. They replace your teeth, like dentures, only they are permanent. Implants are performed by general dentists as well as dental specialists. Your dentist can provide you with a consultation regarding your candidacy for receiving dental …

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Are Dental Implants the Best Solution for Missing Teeth?

Dental implantation is an extremely invasive procedure. It is most commonly used to replace missing teeth (or just one missing tooth). Natural teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons, including dental illness, and physical impact injury. In the past, people who had missing teeth had to wear dentures …

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The History of Dental Implants and Missing Teeth Options Today

The placement of dental implants nowadays involves some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the world; the technological advancements are responsible for the success and ease of dental implant methods that are Problems With Veneers now being used in patients worldwide. However, it is also important to get to know …

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Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

At one point or another, people lose teeth through aging, accidents or the gums become weak that normal teeth usage becomes a problem. A host of other dental challenges can as well set in for various other reasons and this necessitates the use of dental implants. If you have lost …