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Dental Implants – Covering That Missing Tooth

Dental implants are usually a cover up for a lost tooth. This procedure might be slightly painful and takes several months to complete. As this deal with the altering of your tooth cavity, it is advisable to have it done by a specialist only. Dentists carrying out the dental implants in Colorado Springs are highly reputed.
Placing the Root
Placing the titanium root into the jaw bone often requires surgery. However, the surgeon will carry out a number of precautionary measures before installing the root. A complete oral X-ray and CT scan to closely identify the layout of the mouth along with identifying any other untraced injuries will be carried out. Once the surgery is underway, the gum area is carefully lifted to expose the jaw bone. The titanium root is then Causes Of Teeth Problems placed on the jaw bone and then gum is then stitched back. The healing process will take approximately 5 to 6 months. The gum is reopened and the post is then attached into the root, however the permanent crown is not placed at this time. As this procedure is extremely delicate, only a certified dentist should be allowed to carry out the procedure. Dental Implants in Colorado Springs are certified and highly qualified.
The Recovery What Does A Dentist Do On A Daily Basis Period
The recovery time for the healing process after the first operation can take several months. Patients can only use the artificial teeth during this period as the operated area should be left undisturbed. Once the post heals, the permanent crown is placed. Regular visits to the doctor are needed during this time so that he can assess the situation and the condition of the dental implant. The dentists carrying out the dental implants at the Colorado Springs have a very good track record. However, you should do your own research work before short listing any dentist.