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Are Dental Implants the Best Solution for Missing Teeth?

Dental implantation is an extremely invasive procedure. It is most commonly used to replace missing teeth (or just one missing tooth). Natural teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons, including dental illness, and physical impact injury. In the past, people who had missing teeth had to wear dentures and bridges to replace the lost teeth. However, these were not good solutions, because they were very uncomfortable and noticeable as they did not look natural. Modern dental implants were first used in the 1950’s, but the first known cases of dental implants were used by the ancient Mayans and Egyptians. They are used not only to improve the dental appearance of a person with missing teeth, but are also important to enable the patient to chew their food correctly, and speak properly as missing teeth can affect speech.
There are many different kinds of dental implants. Some techniques are better than others. The best and the most popular method is the root form dental implant. This is an implant that is made of Titanium and consists of two pieces. The first piece is fused with the jaw bone in the socket, where the tooth is being replaced. Titanium is used because it has been found to be the metal that best fuses with the bone. This implant is the best form of tooth replacement because it is very durable, stable, and looks natural. If proper care is taken, it can last a lifetime. The best time to get a dental implant is when the natural tooth has just been lost or removed. This is when the chances of the implant healing are at their peak. If the dental implant is not placed within a few weeks of the tooth loss, the patient has to wait a full year for the jawbone to be completely healed before an implant can be placed, and then the chances of it healing correctly are reduced.
Like other dental procedures, dental implants are always being improved upon. For example, at present research is being done into using ceramic materials made out of zirconium to make implants. The reason for this is that, these look even more natural than the titanium dental implants. The titanium implants can sometimes be visible beneath the gums in a green shade. But, the ceramic implants do not have this colour and so appear to be more natural looking. Though dental implants are currently the best solution for missing teeth, there are some people who are not suitable for this procedure. Unlike the other, Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost more common dental procedures, receiving dental implants is an invasive procedure that is done during surgery. The procedure is not available to people who are taking medication for osteoporosis, people with blood clots, untreated diabetes, people who have bad oral hygiene, people with overactive thyroid and oral tumors, as well as people who have certain habits like tooth grinding. If you are interested in having the procedure done, it is very important that you discuss your full medical history with your dentist (and this includes your general medical history and not just your dental history).
If you are one of the people who are not suitable for it, you can discuss with your dentist about the option of having ‘mini implants’. This implant is smaller, and it is much quicker and simpler to get. It is also Can Infected Tooth Cause Skin Problems much cheaper for people who cannot afford to have the main procedure done. However, these are not actual ones. It is just a method of anchoring and stabilizing dentures or bridges, where there is a missing tooth.