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Teeth Care Rules to Live By

If you’re like me and you’re a stickler for perfect pearly whites, then you know that feeling of never having your teeth as clean as you would want them to be. It’s a pain, really! I go to the bathroom ever so often to see if something is stuck in between my teeth; I floss, brush and gargle frequently enough that I’ve basically been inducted in the teeth health Hall of Fame, if ever there was one.
In my bid to know more about teeth care, I’ve learned these small things to help me keep my teeth in good shape. I’m sharing in the hopes that you can benefit from them as well.
1. Choose Your bristles carefully; not all teeth are made the same way. My teeth have a particular bias for soft bristles. Firm bristles are fine but I’ve found that softer bristles do a much better job of removing food bits and (sometimes) plaque that easily get stuck between the teeth. Plus, it affords me the luxury of spending a few extra minutes brushing in front of the mirror because they are gentler and less “invasive.” My soft bristles allow me to feel that I can brush all day without causing any harm to my pearly whites and gums. I know, stickler me!
2. Stop the urge to brush more than 3 times a day. I know, it’s difficult but too much brushing can also cause your teeth to become extra sensitive Dentistry Through The Ages because the enamel is washed away by the brushing action. Limit yourself to 2-3 brushes a day and leave the rest to flossing and gargles.
3. Always floss. Always. There are areas that even the best designed toothbrushes cannot reach such as the surface of the tooth below the gum line. Periapical Abscess Slideshare The only way to clean those hard-to-reach areas is by flossing. It will likewise ensure that you don’t leave any unwanted food bits behind.
4. Experiment with various brush head sizes and pick the best one for you. Years ago, I loved the feel of firm bristles with large brush heads. Today, I am a die-hard fun of small head brushes as they allow me to reach tight areas making my brushing more effective and efficient.
See if you can put these rules to work and discover the extended benefits of proper teeth care. Live by them diligently and you will never have to worry about your teeth again.