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Like most fields of medicine, the accomplishments and complexity of Dentistry has advanced with technology. The tools available to help educate and communicate with the patients make the relationship aspect much more fulfilling for both the dental assistants and hygienists as well as the patients and their families. The equipment has undergone a complete transformation making the experience for both the doctor and the patient quite enjoyable. With the expected growth in the field projected through 2020 and the competitive nature of this line of work, a career working with a dentist is one that can assure a position that is highly valued.
Relationship is Key
Even from establishing a new practice, the relationship with the patients is the key to success. Not only does the trust factor allow patients to continue to return, the opportunity to see them repeatedly allows for the best possible treatment and follow-up to avoid the kind of dental problems that are so easily prevented through proper care.
The dentist or dentists must see a number of clients each day while the dental assistant and dental hygienists are typically the first contact for patients when they arrive and as they leave the office. A number of procedures as well as the information that must be communicated with patients will come through the dental assistant and hygienist as they perform procedures.
Working Alongside History Of Oral Hygiene the Dentist
Most of the procedures dentists perform are handled with the help of the dental assistants and hygienists, either performing four-handed dentistry or assisting with keeping a patient’s mouth clear, being ready with instruments to hand off to the dentist or in applying and removing dental materials that are used in treatment. Following a procedure, the equipment must be properly sterilized and disinfected in preparation for the next procedure.
Anchored in the List Of Dental Magazines Community
The dentist relies on the team. Good dental assistants and hygienists can expect to be appreciated as valued members. The cohesive bond that develops is a gratifying one that makes the daily chore of working one of mutual appreciation. Assurances of safety helps patients overcome previous trauma and fear associated with dentistry. This allows the dentist to realize a successful practice as a valued member of the community.
Flexible Work Environment
While the dental assistant tends to fulfill a full time schedule due to the amount of office work they also perform, dental hygienists may have a flexible work schedule. Some practices make a more open commitment to their client base staying open for evenings and weekends. A smaller practice is more likely to have more regular hours. Dental hygienists tend to work a part-time schedule, which can be very useful when raising children or wanting to have more time with the family. There are variables based on geographic location, population and number of graduates in a given area.