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I Needed New Teeth – Lots Of Them (Part 1)

As I was growing up in the West of Ireland, I was never very diligent about brushing my teeth. I would brush them occasionally or when my mum would prompt me to do so, but more often than not, they didn’t see much toothpaste. All the warnings about tooth decay caused by sweets and chocolate were falling on deaf ears. Something else that conspired against the condition of my teeth was my utter fear of dentists – I would have run a mile from them. So there was no monitoring or preventative maintenance done until I was out of my teens.
Even at that stage, the only way I would agree to go to the dentist was if the procedure was done under general anaesthetic! I wanted to be out cold, if possible. So I finally agreed to go, and after examining my teeth, the dentist said that Oral Hygiene Instructions there was no alternative but to extract a lot of them. Maybe I should have got a second opinion, or maybe they really were that bad! In any case, he proceeded to remove the teeth (I was heavily sedated with Valium, and I was not bothered).
So when my gums had healed,, many gaps existed and I found it much more difficult to chew and digest food. Yes, the dentist eliminated all the decay, but there was a high price to pay. In hindsight, I think some of the teeth could have been salvaged by fillings, but it’s pointless speculating like that.
And so in the years following I managed to get by with my limited set of teeth, but inevitable, more pressure was put on the good ones that were left, and they started to loosen and break down. All the while, chewing food continued to be a problem for me, and it was difficult to enjoy a good steak or something like that. Teeth Dentist Uppsala whitening would have meant very little to me at that point – I needed teeth!. At the back of my mind, I knew that I would have to take drastic action, but the overriding thought was – this is going to cost a fortune. I had often heard accounts of people getting crowns and replacement teeth, and the vast sums of money it cost.
I was determined to take action, but without really knowing how I was going to pay for it. If I had the money readily available, I would have jumped at the opportunity but for now, all I could do was hope for a radical improvement in my financial situation.