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An Effective Shingles Vaccine – Zostavax

An Effective Shingles Vaccine – Zostavax

Singles is a skin illness which is common among people aged 60 and above. Around one million people develop the illness, which comes from the same virus which caused them chicken pox before. Shingles start as a rash, an indication that the dormant virus which caused the chicken pox developed again and has travelled from the nerves to the skin. But as opposed to chicken pox, shingles is much more painful and can cause chronic pain in a person.

Zostavax is a vaccine against shingles. It can help adults which are aged from 60 and above to be protected from developing the condition. As soon as a person hits 60, it is best for them to have the vaccine, since it will increase in terms of potency.

Zostavax is given one time only, and can only be used as a preventive means against shingles. It cannot cure the condition and does not lessen the pain once you develop it. However, before having the shots administered to you, it is best to consult your doctor about the possible risks that it poses to your health.

For instance, if you are allergic to any or some of its ingredients, you should not have it. Such ingredients which can develop into an allergic reaction include neomycin and gelatin. A weak immune system can also be cause for you to be prohibited from taking the vaccine. Moreover, pregnant women and those who plan to become pregnant should not take the vaccine.

Another important precaution about taking Zostafax is that you should not take it at the same time when you take the pneumococcal vaccine. You should also take utmost care when you take the medicine, because it contains a weakened chickenpox virus. If you have to get close to children or to pregnant women immediately after the vaccine is administered to you, be careful and let them know that you just received the shot.

Your doctor can let you know about the situations which you should avoid. Zostavax has been proven to be more effective when it is administered in the earliest time possible. Moreover, those who developed shingles have reduced pain because of the effect of Zostafax on their bodies. It is best to take all the precautionary care possible to avoid developing serious and painful conditions later on in life. By getting this vaccine you should be well protected against shingles.