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The Real Truth About Organic Food

The Real Truth About Organic Food

Organic Food

A recent study funded by the European Union about the benefit of organic food has led to the idea that it is conclusively and by far better than those conventionally grown products. The study itself was a million dollar investment for the EU in order to prove organic food is healthier and more beneficial to that of usual and technological means.

The pioneers of the research arrived at the following conclusions:

That you can actually get up to 40% more antioxidants from organic grown fruits and vegetables

Aside from antioxidants, most organic products are richer in iron and zinc

Milk from organic produces 90% more antioxidants

The impact of this research has even forced the Food Standards Agency to review their previous stand of implying that there is really no big difference when it comes to nutritional benefits from organic and non-organic products. Just like most so-called experts and researchers in their own right, having to believe these findings is pretty hard to absorb but as we look at the process of scientific research, we’ll learn how convincing it is.

The experiment involved the planting and growing of fruits and vegetables on two different sites, organic themed and the non-organic one. Cattles and poultry were as well grown and raised. The significant difference had even reached to a point where the researchers have agreed that eating organic food helps increase the mineral and nutrient intake of individuals who are not even keen to eating the right diet.

What is organic food and how does it differ from conventionally grown products?

Food is grown in two ways. When food is produced without the use of synthetic materials like pesticides and fertilizers, it is said to be grown in an organic or natural manner. Conventional farming and production of food meanwhile involves the use of chemical and fertilizers to speed up everything. Of course, growing your foods naturally is the best way to live healthy and safe. With conventional produce, you will likely accumulate and absorb several unhealthy mixes of elements like Chlorpyrifos. This stuff is capable of impairing your immune system and having a significant intake of it may lead to reproductive and nervous system abnormalities. Another common thing you’ll get from conventionally grown foods are carcinogens. They are of course responsible in growing several varieties of cancer.

For many people going organic means having to spend more on food and expenses. Most people don’t realize that the benefit they get from organic material far exceeds the price they pay for it. If you elect to stick with toxic and conventionally produced foods, you will have a greater chance of accumulating liver and kidney malfunction. The pesticide content of these foods lead to the blocking of intestinal walls and additionally, it makes the absorption of vital nutrients a harder task for the whole body.