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Pharmaceutical Companies Accused of Bioterrorism Plot For Profit

Pharmaceutical Companies Accused of Bioterrorism Plot For Profit

Two pharmaceutical companies, Avir and Baxter, are been reported to the FBI for knowingly distributing vaccine material contaminated with the bird flu virus H5N1. They are also accused of bioengineering the current swine flu virus. This “swine virus” is a hybrid of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come from laboratories according to many experts.

The person making these criminal charges is an Austrian investigative journalist by the name of Jane Burgermeister. Ms Burgermeister alleges that Avir and Baxter produced and distributed the contaminated vaccine material and created the swine influenza virus for the purpose of creating a world swine influenza pandemic from which they would make billions of dollars in profits from their new vaccine which is due to be released in July.

That the vaccine material was contaminated was discovered by a member of staff at BioTest in the Czech Republic. When it was tested on ferrets the ferrets died.

There is an alternative explanation as to why the material contained the H5N1 virus. The contamination was accidental, caused by “human error”. The vaccination material came from Baxter’s lab in Austria which is known for being one of the worlds most secure biosecurity labs. However good security systems and procedures are, there is always the possibility of human error causing accidents in the vaccination production process. For example one of the best known cases of vaccine contamination is the Polio immunisation.

The Salk and Sabin Polio immunisation which was distributed between 1954 and 1963 was polluted with the Rhesus monkey simian virus, code name SV-40. What’s so special about this? In 1959 a government researched named Bernice Eddy suggested that SV-40 may be causing cancers in humans. Much later two doctors Ben Sweet and M.R. Hilleman, at the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, confirmed that SV-40, from Rhesus monkey kidneys used in production of Polio immunisation, had the potential to trigger cancers.

We had to wait over twenty years for proof but now we know. During the 1990’s various studies confirmed the presence of the Rhesus monkey simian virus in the tumours of many cancer victims. One such study conducted at the Loyola Medical Center in Chicago, showed that almost 4 out of 10 patients with bone cancer, almost 6 in every 10 mesothelioma cancer victims, plus many brain cancer victims had the SV-40 virus. It seems that SV-40 can interfere with a cell’s ability to resist malignancy due to blocking a key protective protein.

There are now hundreds of millions of people around the world who are more susceptible to developing cancer.

The above is just one incident among many. Vaccinations are often withdrawn from use because of some fault in the production process or pollution with live viruses. In many cases the vaccination has been in use for some time before the problem is identified.

Are Avir and Baxter guilty? We will not know until the FBI conclude their investigation, that is if they take the allegations seriously. Whatever the outcome the story of two pharmaceutical companies plotting to start a world influenza pandemic in order to boost profits would make a good work of fiction. Ms Burgermeister should consider writing a book.