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What’s the Point in Using a Water Flosser?

At first glance, using a water flosser or other kind of oral irrigation may seem kind of pointless. Isn’t brushing and using regular dental floss enough? Why add in such a potentially messy step?
First of all, it doesn’t have to be messy. Bend over the sink and let the water flow back out, and it King’S College London Dentistry won’t be all that bad. You can also close your mouth over it and just spit water out as necessary.
The advantage to a water flosser is that it removes even more food debris than regular dental floss can. That said, it’s still considered to be a good idea to floss regularly with plain old dental floss. But removing more food debris certainly isn’t a bad idea if you want to take good care of your teeth and gums.
It also provides massage to your gums, improving circulation. This helps make your gums stronger. Some users claim great benefits for their gums, but you are best off seeing how it works for you and your own habits.
A water flosser will absolutely not replace a toothbrush. You must still brush your teeth to remove plaque.
A water flosser is great for people with braces. It helps to clean those really difficult areas around your braces where dental floss can’t reach. Much better for your oral health while you try to improve your smile. A good one will come with an orthodontic tip for people with braces.
Many people like to add some mouthwash or other additives to the water used in their water flosser. Read the instructions to your machine before you do this, as not all will take well to anything being added to the water.
Do not set your water flosser to its highest level when you first get one. Start at one of the lower settings, Surgical Tooth Extraction Near Me and turn it up as you get used to it. Most find a midrange setting most comfortable in the long run.
You may want to consider where you place your water flosser and where you use it. Although they aren’t usually as loud as they once were, the pump is not exactly quiet. This is not something you want to do when someone else is sleeping where they can easily hear the machine.
Be consistent, and this may be worth it for you. It’s like any other dental care tool. It won’t do you much good if you don’t use it regularly, and no good at all if you never use it.