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Is There Any Advantage In Using Electric Toothbrushes

Anyone who knows how to brush their teeth regularly may not really think about using electric toothbrushes. A manual toothbrush is just as good as the one who is using it as good oral hygiene is always dependent on the person observing it. But there may be a slight advantage …


Why the Best Dentists Avoid Using Mercury Filling

Mercury fillings, also called “silver fillings” in an attempt to subvert your attention away from the “mercury” component of the filling, became popular in usage back in the days of the Civil War because mercury was cheap and inexpensive to obtain, and mercury was not yet known to be poisonous. …

Oral Diseases

Oral Hygiene Using Natural Herbal Remedies

People going about their busy daily activities mostly tend to forget oral health more than anything else. The logic is that if people are sleepless and cannot even get enough rest, how much more will they tend to overlook their oral hygiene? Oral hygiene is a general term for the …


The Advantages of Using an Electric Toothbrush

The modern world is filled with new inventions, discoveries in the field of gadgets and technology. The Electric Toothbrush is one such invention that has been a boon for Dentalnews many who want their teeth sparkling clean after every brush. Gone are the days when people thought they are for …

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Using the Cross Cut Sled to Make Dental Molding

The first step is to decide the spacing and depth of the depressed area that forms the teeth in the molding. Set up a Dado Blade on your table saw to the width desired. For furniture I recommend 3/8″. The Dado blade should Dental News Magazine Pakistan be a stack …

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Is Natural Toothpaste a Product You Should Be Using?

We have all seen the lovely advertisements on television where the whole family are happily and smilingly brushing their teeth and gaining sparkling clean, bright and shiny teeth with a ring of confidence as a result. But we all know that these people are actors and are being paid for …

Oral Diseases

Bright Teeth Can Be Had by Using Numerous Products

You can brush twice a day and you can floss even more, but the different foods and drinks we put into our body can still make it hard to have bright teeth. Luckily for us there are literally dozens of different products out there who all have the same basic …

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What’s the Point in Using a Water Flosser?

At first glance, using a water flosser or other kind of oral irrigation may seem kind of pointless. Isn’t brushing and using regular dental floss enough? Why add in such a potentially messy step?
First of all, it doesn’t have to be messy. Bend over the sink and let the …

Dental Surgery

Dentist Marketing Using a BIG Guarantee

If you would like an easy and effective way to boost the ROI of your dentist marketing, then read this short article. That’s because it’ll teach you about a little-known way to increase the effectiveness of your dental advertising.
Here’s a story to explain:
About 10 years ago, I was …

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The Quest for Whiter Teeth Using a Home Whitening System: Brighter Smiles Then and Now

People are talking about ways to do it, trying it at home, selling it or buying it and of course writing about it…
Teeth Whitening is what’s buzzing these days around Hollywood, cities all across the US and around the world. Every day, we are increasingly becoming more aware of …