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Want Six Pack Abs

Want Six Pack Abs

Do you want six pack abs? There are many myths going around especially in bodybuilding magazines and supplement advertisements. If you want cold, hard truth about getting six pack abs, then you need to read the following list.

The five most common myths about getting six pack abs:

1) You don’t need to watch what you eat

If you are not blessed with god-like genetics, then it is impossible to get six pack abs no matter how solid your workout program is. I strongly recommend that you do not listen to advice from a mesomorph (someone who has a ripped muscular body just by staring at the gym) because most likely they are the ones who are telling you to eat whatever you want and just workout to get ripped.

2) Just do million sets of abs

You need to focus on quality over quantity. There are so many people who wonder why they do not see their abs when they are doing abs every single day.

3) Do abs exercises to burn off the fat on the stomach area

You can do every single abs exercise, and you will never burn off the fat on the stomach area with a bad diet. You must reduce your body fat percentage by eating a healthy diet in order to lose any fat on your body.

4) Infomercial products will help you get a 6-pack

You see these all the time on television, such as the ab roller. There is no magic to any of these products. In the end, you still need healthy diet and a well-designed workout program.

5) You must do abs every day

When you do heavy compound exercises at the gym, such as deadlift, squat, etc. you are using your abs to stabilize your body. Your abs are always used even when you are not at the gym, for example, playing sports, running, walking up the steps, etc.