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How to Find a Dentist When You Are New to a Community

How to Find a Dentist When You Are New to a Community

How do you find a dentist, especially if you are new to a community? There are a number of factors to consider when trying to find a dentist for you and your family. First, you will probably want to select a general or family dentist. This is a dentist that has been trained and licensed to provide general dental services. As an added bonus, general dentists can treat children and adults making them a good choice for young families. You could also choose to have the adults see an general/family dentist and take the children to a pedodontist, but this complicates matters a bit.

Once you have decided on the type of dentist, you will want to find a dentist that has a good reputation. This can be easier said than done. Word of mouth recommendations are the best way to find a dentist, and if you receive more than one recommendation from independent sources, this exponentially increases your chances of finding an appropriate dentist for you and your family. If you are new to a community, you can seek out the opinion of your co-workers, fellow church/worship members, neighbors, or even other medical/dental professionals you may have already contacted. Ask your family physician, cardiologist, or gynecologist for a recommendation for a dentist. Often, medical and dental professionals have insight into the field and can provide you with a competent referral. Many dentists have suggested that this method may not be enough. Personality compatibility is something that can not be purchased, predicted, and many times experienced until you are fully engaged in a dentist-patient relationship. So you will want to do your due diligence before making this decision.

One final thought for your attempt at trying to find a Bend dentist, is that once you pare down your list to 1-3 dentists, ask if you can tour the facility and meet the dentist and staff. Although solely relying on your first impression is risky, walking away from the office with a good feeling is a good sign you are on the right track. So, in summary, select the type of dentist, ask for word of mouth referrals, visit the clinic, and make your decision.