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Oral Sedation Dentistry for a Comfortable Dental Experience

You’ve probably heard the term “sedation dental care” “sedation dentistry” or “sleep dentistry” before. If you search through websites Brushing Teeth With Salt And Toothpaste for dental offices, you will probably see an option for “sedation dentistry” and might be wondering “Just what is that?”
For years, comedic movies and stand-up comedians have long played on the fears some of us may have for going to the dentist. But for some, anxiety over a dental appointment – even for a simple procedure – is no laughing matter.
However, recent technology and research has provided today’s dentists with the tools to provide stress-free and comfortable dental care. Not only are Student Dental Insurance some offices providing relaxing music or television viewing during your procedure, but now sedation dental care as well. What does this mean for you?
Let’s look at what sedation is in the world of dentistry. Sedation means you will be relaxed, comfortable and calm through the use of oral sedatives. These sedative medicines are sometimes provided for you – at your visit when your procedure is scheduled – and or are administered as soon as you arrive for your treatment.
The oral method for delivering sedatives as especially convenient since there are no needles required. And, in reality, “sleep dentistry” is a misnomer. You won’t actually be medicated enough to actually be sleep for your dental treatment. You will, however, most likely feel like you’ve fallen asleep and just woke up. You’ll maintain a level of consciousness throughout the procedure, you’ll be able to communicate with your dentist, and when you’re finished, you probably won’t remember much of your visit at all!
Because sedatives can make you sleepy or drowsy, you’ll need to arrange transportation to and from your dental visit since you will not be able to drive. It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member stay with you for a few hours until the medication has worn off.
Sedation dentistry is a wonderful tool to help anyone who has concerns of going to the dentist. Perhaps you have a procedure that will require some time and you don’t know how you’re going to sit still for three hours. Perhaps you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and aren’t sure what to expect. Well here is what you can expect: you can relax and you can have a good and positive dental experience at the dentist’s office!
The first step is up to you. Call or contact your dentist today. Make an appointment for a simple, no-fuss check up. Your dentist and their associates will create a custom treatment plan that is just right for you. You can take it one tooth at a time, one quadrant at a time, whatever you need. They will set up an appointment – or a few appointments – and work with you until your treatment plan is completed. While discussing treatment options, share with your dentist any concerns you may have. He or she will be more than happy to explain all of the sedation dentistry options available in the office and help you select what is the most comfortable for you.
Dentists understand that sometimes we don’t all take the best care of our teeth and that you might be worried, but rest assured that your dentist isn’t here to judge you. They’re here to make sure you get the beautiful smile that you deserve and a healthy mouth to last you a lifetime!