Healthy gums and teeth play an important role in an individual’s health, appearance and self esteem. Part of maintaining good oral health is regular visits to the dentist. Visiting a dentist for regular cleanings, check ups and exams is the best way to ensure the health of an individual’s teeth, mouth and gums. Dentists spend years in formalized training Full Coverage Dental Plans to be educated on all the intricacies of dentistry and provide an invaluable service to the communities in which they work. If working in this field appeals to you, but the prospect of so many years of schooling is out of line with your finances or lifestyle, considering a career as a dental assistant may be a good option for you to check into.
Dental assistants play an important support role for the dentist. Assisting with office tasks, lab duties and patient care and some perform radiological duties. Assistants often sterilize and disinfect implements and equipment, remove stitches, prepare tools needed for casting molds for implants or restoration work, assist during oral procedures by keeping a patient’s mouth dry with suctioning, and preparing patients for their services. Assuming the Least Harmful Teeth Whitening role of office manager is not uncommon for many assistants and ensuring that the dentist’s practice runs smoothly and efficiently makes them a key factor in the success or failure of the practice. Dental assistants sometimes chose to work outside the practice as sales representatives for dental products. There are many options available to allow assistants to create the most rewarding and satisfying career for their lifestyle needs and desires.
Dentist’s offices are a wonderful working environment and provide many benefits. Most offices are open only during the week leaving the weekends free and open for their employees to spend as they wish. Additionally, it is not uncommon for dentist’s offices to be open only four days during the week, closing early in the afternoon. This creates a desirable and flexible work schedule for employees. Many parents find working in a dentist’s office allows them a schedule that enables them to be home when their children arrive after school eliminating a need for child care.
Choosing a career as a dental assistant is an excellent way to work in the dentistry field without the financial and time investment of dental school. Many assistants get on the job training by working their way up the career chain while others enroll in specialized programs offering certificates or degrees in dental assisting. Whether you chose to work towards a career as a dental assistant or enroll in courses for formalized training, a career in the field of dentistry is rewarding.
Helping to take care of patients and making their smiles look and feel terrific make your work seem worthwhile and meaningful, giving you a pride and satisfaction in your work. If a career as a dental assistant appeals to you, look into classes near you or talk to local dentists about employment opportunities and chose the dental assistant career path that is right for you.