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Low Cost Dental Plans – Why So Popular Now?

During the past two decades, the cost of dental care has risen faster than the overall inflation rate. Due to these rising costs, routine dentistry has evolved into a financial burden that millions of Americans simply cannot afford.
Today, dental insurance is rarely if ever helpful in overcoming these inflated costs. As a result, low cost dental plans have become more popular than ever before.
In today’s world, one dental crown can cost between $900 and $1200. Yet, dental insurance reimbursments are still capped at $1000 to $1500 annually, just as they were twenty years ago when dentistry cost far less. When you consider the high monthly premiums that dental insurance companies charge, it becomes obvious that this type of financial arrangement makes little sense, unless of course you are the insurance company.
This is one reason why so many employers have stopped offering traditional dental insurance as part of their employee benefits package. With dental care costs rising and dental insurance options shrinking, more individuals and families are looking to low cost dental plans as an alternative. So the question becomes; will this type of program make dental care affordable and accessible for you and your family?
The first thing you need to know is that these plans are much different than dental insurance. Dental plans do not reimburse your dental office for work performed. Instead, plan companies negotiate discounted fees for their members at participating dental offices.
Even though the dental office agrees to accept lower fees, the office still comes out ahead with a continual flow of new patients from the dental plan, with absolutely no advertising costs required. These new patients cover a dental office’s fixed expenses and overhead, allowing patients who pay higher retail prices to deliver pure profits. In addition, no claim forms are involved with dental plans, which is a real time saver for everyone. And unlike dental insurance, the dental office is paid at time of service, instead of having to wait several months for the insurance company to send a check.
Low cost dental plans offer many advantages to new members. First, pre-existing conditions are accepted right away, with no long waits required for coverage, as is the case with traditional dental insurance. There are no yearly caps on benefits and no age limits for membership. Dental plans also cost far less. One of the oldest and most popular dental plans for individuals and families is Careington. With a little shopping, an individual can become a member of the Careington Dental Plan for only $6.95 per month. Families can join Careington for under $16.00 per month.
The main obstacle in using a plan such as Careington is that members must go to a plan network dental office to enjoy the savings. Clearly, such a plan will not be worthwhile if no network dentists are available in your area. Fortunately, most people in America will find a suitable selection of plan dentists located within a convenient distance.
It is usually a good idea to check out one or more local plan dental offices before making your first appointment. Oral Hygiene Instructions Clean, professional looking surroundings is a sign of a dental office that cares about the quality of its work.
In some cases, you may need to drive a few miles to locate a good, clean dental office. Consider your savings Disadvantages Of Being A Dentist – hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars; then you’ll likely view a slightly longer driving as worthwhile.