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Is Free Dental Care Possible?

times of economic crisis, there are many things that we tend to go without. Unfortunately, since it is not deemed completely necessary, dental care is one of those. Yes there are dental clinics that provide low cost and free dental Which State Has The Cheapest Dental Care care, but if you have ever been to one, you know that those clinics are stacked to the ceiling and lined around the block with patients, all of which are in extreme agony and distress over one dental emergency or another.
This is all too common a problem here in the United States. We have excellent healthcare, and we have great plans for those who are under-privileged, but that healthcare does not always include dental hygiene. It is much more of a necessity than most people realize. It is becoming more widely knows, that a lack in hygiene has serious repercussions. These dangerous problems include complications with the heart, kidney, immune and circulatory functions. These complications can be deadly. In fact, it is estimated that a large percentage of those suffering from heart disease, got the heart disease from a complication of a severe Benefits Of Being A Dentist dental infection. In addition to this, some people can develop sepsis, which is a very dangerous and deadly infection of the blood, from neglected dental issues. It is not like people are simply ignoring their teeth; it is the fact that they cannot afford the dental care they need, so they simply go without. As mentioned before, there are free dental care clinics, but there are simply not enough of these to go around, and what seems like a small painful tooth problem, can turn into an extreme health issue in a matter of a day. In order to maintain good physical health, good dental health must also be maintained.