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Home Tooth Whitening Can Be Simple and Painless

Many people today are interested in home tooth whitening, to save time and money. Having the procedure done at the Dentist’s office is time consuming. Taking time out of one’s day for such a procedure is not something many are able to do. It can also cost hundreds of dollars and, like other procedures, is not necessarily going to produce the desired results.
The methods available to the public today are very similar to those used in the dentist’s office. Many kits purchased at the drug store contain a tray that can be fitted to your teeth. The tray holds the bleaching agent, so it is important to make sure that the tray is pressed firmly against every tooth.
It is recommended that the kit contain a solution of more than 20% bleaching agent. You should also make sure there are no ingredients that will irritate the gums. It is also recommended Glasgow Dentistry that an oxygenating mouth rinse be used immediately before and after the process, to enhance whitening. Avoid any solutions with alcohol, as it can interfere with the bleaching process.
Another method that many people find convenient is the use of whitening strips. They are placed on both the upper and lower teeth and also sit in your mouth for several hours or overnight. They can get the job done. However, the strips do not fit into the ridges and grooves of your teeth. Over time, as the teeth become whiter, the ridges and grooves between them will become more noticeable.
Brush on whitening formulas simply dry on your teeth, where they are then supposed to go to work in making them lighter. The problem How Much Does A Child’S Dental Visit Cost is that they may or may not dry. Saliva contains many acids that can remove the formula from the teeth or keep it from drying.
There are many other home remedies or solutions believed to help make teeth whiter, but some can actually damage the enamel so badly that they can lead to decay and the need for more serious dental work. Lemon juice is one example. It contains so much acid that it can go through many layers of enamel. Others suggest a mouth rinse of hydrogen peroxide daily after brushing and claim it works within a few days, but in a very subtle manner.
If having a brighter smile is something you desire, consult with tooth care guides before you attempt any usual procedures or use any ingredients that could lead to costly dental work.