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Caring For Your Dog’s Teeth is Easier Than You Think

Caring for your dog’s teeth is so important for the health of his mouth. If your dog Dental Procedure Articles loses his teeth he cannot eat as well. This could cause him other health problems.
Your dog’s teeth can get plaque built up on them like you can. This needs to be removed on a regular basis to keep them from having certain dental problems. Just as you can get gingivitis, periodontitis, and broken teeth, the dog can get them too. Let’s look at these problems a bit closer and what to do to prevent them.
Gingivitis makes the gums inflamed and is caused from particles of food being left in the spaces in between the teeth and the gums. This can cause redness, bleeding, and pain. It can make it hard for the dog to chew. If this condition is not treated correctly it can bring on another dental condition called periodontitis. The perdontitis can even spread to the jawbone and surrounding tissues. This can lead to teeth falling out. Sadly, there is no cure for this disease.
Another problem your dog can have is trouble with teeth breaking from chewing on the wrong objects. So be careful what you let him chew on. Make sure if you give Oda Extended Health Care Insurance them a beef bone that has been cooked first. This makes it easier to chew. Watch that the dog is not chewing on the furniture or other hard objects as well.
The area of dental care for animals has improved greatly over the years. Your dog should get dental exams at the veterinarian on a regular basis. If any problems are suspected contact your vet at once. Many things can be done today such as bonding, brightening and root canals to name a few.
Even as a puppy your dog needs to have a dental exam as soon as you bring them home. The vet can further check the pup each time they are vaccinated. As they get older once a year dental exams should be fine if you do not suspect any problems. You should also brush your dog’s teeth each day with a special brush and toothpaste meant for dogs. When a dog is older they may need to have dental exams once every six months to guarantee the health of their mouth.
Various dental chews help clean the dog’s teeth on top of you brushing them. These are useful in keeping the plaque from accumulating. Brushing your dog’s teeth is not as hard as it sounds, especially when you get the dog used to it as a puppy.
So help your dog stay healthy by taking care of his teeth. Remember to brush his teeth and have the vet check them on a regular basis. Just like you take care of your teeth so you do not lose them, you need to make sure your dog keeps his teeth. Include dental care in your daily routine with your dog.