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Vaccines And Autism – Why Are We Poisoning Our Children?

Vaccines And Autism – Why Are We Poisoning Our Children?

Vaccines and autism seem to go hand in hand. One side argues that there is no link, the other side believes with all their beings that there is a link. It can be scary no matter what side of the fence you stand on.

No parent wants to think that the vaccination they are giving their little one is actually hurting them. Unfortunately, the truth can hurt, in more than one way.

You see many vaccinations contain mercury. Yes, you read that right mercury. The chemical we are told to avoid, the reason we are told to minimize how much tuna and other fishes we eat. The reason that many children, and adults end up with heavy metal poisoning and die. Yes, die.

Yet we are supposed to believe these doctors and pharmaceutical companies who tell us that it is safe to inject this toxic chemical into our precious little children. Our children with their brand new, fresh immune systems. Our children whose bodies are unable to process and discard even the smallest amount of this chemical. Our children, who end up with a build up of toxic chemicals in their systems from the very things we are told will save them from other diseases.

So how do you say no to these vaccinations? How do we tell the people who are supposed to be interested in protecting our children that we have no faith in what they say. Simply put, just say no. You have the choice whether or not to have your child vaccinated. You have the ability to say no, you’re not going to poison my child, you’re not going to pollute their little bodies.

And you can also go a step further and actually detox yourself and your child. There are many homeopathic remedies on the market that assist in getting these horrible chemicals out of our systems and the systems of our children. We encounter many of these chemicals during day to day life. It’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the entire world we live in.

It is our responsibility as parents, as caregivers, as the person who is supposed to take care of them, to ensure they have the best chance possible, and that means doing everything you can to prevent the poisons that can cause not just autism but many other debilitating diseases and disorders. Stand up today and have your voice heard. Give a voice to someone who cannot speak and tell the world we will not poison our children anymore.