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Toddlers’ Haircuts – How to Make Them Pleasurable For Your Toddler!

Toddlers’ haircuts can be a horrifying both the parent and the toddler. If you have already tried giving your toddler a haircut, you probably know what I mean. Toddlers, for some reason, have a built-in fear of those clippers and that strange person (if you are not doing it) coming at them with this horrible buzzing device or a pair of scissors.
Even if you do it yourself, cutting your toddlers hair can be a trying experience, to say the least.
How To Exchange The Fear For Cheer
Here are some suggestions that should help to take Tooth Extraction Cost Without Insurance the fear out of the haircut for your toddler:
Rule #1: Your toddler is not getting a hair “cut.” Honest! Believe me! In your world, for now on, toddler’s haircuts are not really are “trims” or “fix-ups.” In other words, change your terminology and things will go a lot smoother.
Children do not like to hear the word “cut” because they have been cut before and it was a horrible experience for them. So, don’t tell your toddler he or she is going to get a haircut, tell your toddler he or she is going to get a “trim” or going to get a “fix-up” or any other cute term you can come up with.
Rule #2: Show your toddler that it doesn’t hurt. Toddlers haircuts can be exhibited on a doll or, better yet, on an older brother, sister or other parent. While letting your child watch, have fun and rave about the results when you are done. This will go a long way toward changing your toddler’s attitude from one of resistance to one of enthusiasm.
Rule #3: Let your toddler give you a haircut KIDDING! Of course, this would work wonders if you took turns cutting each other’s hair, but I really don’t advise doing so too soon before a class reunion or something like that.
Okay, so actually there are only two things I would suggest that will really make your toddler’s haircut a Atlanta Dentist No Insurance pleasant experience: 1) Don’t call it a haircut and 2) show him that it doesn’t hurt and that it is fun.
Other than the above, stay positive and always praise your child for any positive actions you see your child perform. This is not only good for haircuts, but for his or her general wellbeing.