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What is Sports Dentistry?

The mission of sports dentistry is simple to treat and prevent oral and facial athletic injuries as well as other related oral diseases. With sports and health, the big challenge is maximizing benefits of the actual participation and simultaneously limiting the risk of injury. Current estimates show that more than …


Does Your Child Or Teen Have the Proper Gear For Those Contact Sports?

Hey Sports Fans! With Fall right around the corner, ’tis the time to start thinking about preparing for… no, not school! Fall Sports! More specifically, does your child or teen have the proper gear for those contact sports: football, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse and the worst, trampoline horse play? Yep, anytime …

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Effects of Soda and Sports Drinks on Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can be a real pain, pardon the pun. If you have sensitive teeth you’ve no doubt wondered what causes this painful sensation. Sensitivity occurs when the inner dentine layer of the teeth becomes exposed. The hard outer layer is a very hard surface with no nerves so there …