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What is Sports Dentistry?

The mission of sports dentistry is simple to treat and prevent oral and facial athletic injuries as well as other related oral diseases. With sports and health, the big challenge is maximizing benefits of the actual participation and simultaneously limiting the risk of injury. Current estimates show that more than 20.4 million dollars are spent on treatment of preventable oral/facial injuries from athletic participation. This is a serious national health concern. Prevention is the key. Educating athletes on the basic or oral care as well as how to properly use safety equipment and play the game safely is crucial.
Sports Dentistry focuses heavily on prevention and a big part of that is done through pre-screen and regular check-ups. These visits allow the dentist to take a thorough look at the overall oral health of the athlete. Dentist are looking for signs of decay, gum disease, tmj, the condition of previous restorative procedures, and more. Due to the high risk Dental Laboratory Technicians for impact injuries common in sports it is important that athletes’ teeth are in good healthy condition. Dentists will also be keeping an eye out for the all to common signs of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These disorders are disturbingly common among young female athlete’s and leave a distinct erosion pattern on the surface of the teeth.
Athlete’s need to take extra good care of their teeth. They need to learn proper oral hygiene and have regular cleanings. They need a proper Articles On Dentist fitting mouth-guards and not the one size fits all kind that are leading to thousands of sports related injuries every single year.