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A Plaque Attack Review From an Actual User

How often have you been searching the Internet for information on a product and clicked on a “review” only to be taken to a site that gives lots of sales hype and very little useful information? It’s happened to all of us, unfortunately. In researching dog dental sprays, I had …

Maintaining Dental Health

Individual Dental Plans Review

Is it time to go to the dentist?
Each and every one of us knows the importance of going to the dentist and, what bravery that takes. However, the need is there if we want to keep some enamel on our teeth and our gum’s strong and healthy. We even …

Dental Surgery

Dentastix Review – Oral Care For Your Pet

Your Pets health Benefits Of Being A Dentist is it at risk.
Almost everyone owns a pet at one time in their life. We all love are pets and treat them almost as equals, we walk them, feed them and would buy almost anything for them. So why is it …


The Ultimate Sonic Toothbrush Review

Regular brushing is a crucial component of good dental care. The ultimate sonic toothbrush review below will help you find the best toothbrush to make your brushing routine quick and effective.
Braun Oral-B S185353 Sonic Complete Rechargeable Power Toothbrush
This rechargeable toothbrush gives you a customized clean with settings for …