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Dentastix Review – Oral Care For Your Pet

Your Pets health Benefits Of Being A Dentist is it at risk.
Almost everyone owns a pet at one time in their life. We all love are pets and treat them almost as equals, we walk them, feed them and would buy almost anything for them. So why is it that so many of us neglect our dogs teeth. Some people think that dogs don’t need their teeth cleaned after all they are just dogs. The problem with this theory is that we have changed our pets diets to a soft food with no bones. The softer the food the more build up that will occur on your dog or cats teeth. In the wild dogs and cats would chew on animal bones cleaning tartar from their teeth almost like a toothbrush.
What are the Implications of poor oral health?
It’s estimated that eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats will develop signs of gum disease by the age of three years old if proper oral hygiene is not administered. If left untreated sever gum disease can lead to heart and kidney problems that could shorten the life of your dog or cat.
So what can be done?
Brushing your dog or cats teeth every day is the best way to prevent this build up of tartar from forming. If you can hardly find the time to brush your own teeth let alone your dogs try giving you pet Dentastix. They are a great substitute to brushing your pets teeth everyday. They work by scrubbing your dogs teeth with a coarse bone like material. They have been approved by veterinarians. Another way to reduce tartar build up is to grab some cow hawks from the butcher the next time your picking up some fresh cuts of meat your dogs will love you for it. I’m a breeder and that’s what I do, however some people think bones will fracture your dogs teeth. Just so you know.
Anyway hope you Dental News November 2019 enjoyed!