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Dangerous Food

The Relationship Between Oral Health And Heart Diseases

There is no question that the mouth is where a millions or even billions of bacteria thrive. This is where food is initially taken in and a lot of health issues can start due to bad oral hygiene. Some medical practitioners have been researching the correlation between oral health and …

Dental Surgery

Differences Between Pediatric and Adult Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) is a specialty involved in treatment of dental diseases in children, from infancy through adolescence, until they become adults. Health Related News In Pakistan Even though specialist training is required to become a certified pedodontist, your family dentist in Frisco can also practice pediatric dentistry.
Pediatric dentistry …


The Link Between Oral Health and Smoking

Is there a link between oral health and smoking? Aside from the cosmetic appearance of your teeth when you smoke, what other effects does smoking have? Let’s break it down one by one.
First off, let’s start with the obvious effects smoking has with regards to oral health. If you …