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The Relationship Between Oral Health And Heart Diseases

There is no question that the mouth is where a millions or even billions of bacteria thrive. This is where food is initially taken in and a lot of health issues can start due to bad oral hygiene. Some medical practitioners have been researching the correlation between oral health and the cause of heart diseases. What makes them believe that bad oral hygiene can be one cause of getting a heart disease is the discovery of atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries which could be attributed by bacterial species that are also known to cause periodontitis.
However, atherosclerosis vascular disease is generally caused by fatty substance build-up in the arterial wall. This is typically caused by cholesterol which will eventually cause the hardening of the arteries. There are several other causes why build-up occurs in the arteries but there are other reasons how bacteria and other illnesses Dental Procedure Articles can cause heart diseases due to poor dental hygiene. For one, people who do not brush their teeth daily are at high risk of suffering from bleeding gums which provide several species of bacteria to enter the bloodstream. There are over 700 types of bacteria found in the mouth and most of them cannot just be rid by brushing your teeth.
Microbiologists even consider the mouth to be probably the dirtiest area of the human body. We may have already known that cardiovascular diseases are the biggest killer in the world. Some bacterial infections that could even cause this are Streptococcus gordonii and Stretococcus sanguinis. It does not even matter how fit or healthy the person is, but these known bacteria can increase your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases all because you have poor dental health.
There may be a cure for this which typically involves extreme antibiotic treatment but bacteria have become more resistant to drugs and antibiotics. The problem is that the bacteria cause to the platelets to clot within the blood vessel as it enters and then cause Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost the clumps. However, more issues are involved when the immune system and the antibiotics cannot even penetrate the bacteria once it has been enclosed within the clumped platelets. This becomes a problem which microbiologists and scientists are working for a cure.
If a cure may be difficult and costly, then the best way to stay away from these disease causing bacteria is to maintain good oral hygiene. The best way is to prevent cardiovascular diseases by not only following fitness programs but also observing good overall hygiene. Oral health may be you priority as this is where everything that goes inside the body starts. Good dental hygiene also involves eating healthful foods and staying away from vices that can cause damage to the teeth and gums such as smoking and acidic and alcoholic drinks. Starting a good dental routine is just simply brushing your teeth at least twice a day which is also best done by flossing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash.