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Naturopathic Cleaning of a Dog’s Teeth Restores Health

Organic substances possess the unique ability to mend and repair our dog’s cells and tissue absent the side effects of medications. These natural substances are sought out by naturopathic minded owners to restore their pet’s health by providing the nutrients their dog’s body requires to heal its self. Several naturopathic treatments now exceed the healing power of manufactured drugs relied on by the veterinarian profession. The advanced molecular biology that the pharmaceutical industry uses to develop various drugs is now being utilized by the naturopathic industry to develop highly effective organic remedies. The science of molecular biology identifies the active form of nutrients that are responsible for the beneficial effects of well known substances.
The grape is a substance or fruit known to contain nutrients that have several positive health effects. The active form of nutrients found in grapes is the organic matter known as grape seed extract (GSE). GSE is highly beneficial to many aspect of a dog’s health, specifically a dog’s teeth and gums. In addition to extracting the Dentistry Universities Uk active matter that comprises the effective form of nutrients, modern naturopathic research is able to develop synergistic blends of these nutrients. GSE is the core ingredient in a number of extremely effective naturopathic dog teeth cleaning formulas. Studies report GSE inhibits the bacteria known to cause periodontitis in dogs.
Periodontitis destroys the tissue of a dog’s gums which ancor their teeth and encourages the growth of destructive bactreria. Harmful bacteria is responsible for two common types of periodontitis; porphyromonas gigivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum. Bacteria in a dog’s mouth is commonly referred to as dental plaque which is also protected or surrounded by complex and durable substance called biofilm. Antimicrobial agents that could Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications eliminate or control bacteria in a dog’s mouth are unable to penetrate the protective biofilm, rendering them ineffective. For this reason veterinarians rely on chemical agents such as triclosan, while effective at killing bacteria it is toxic to other organ systems. Organic oral care products for dog’s containing GSE are extremely effective at penetrating the biofilm and neutralizing the bacteria that causes periodontitis.
While the elimination of harmful oral bacteria will improve a dog’s breath immensely, many oral care products include ingredients specifically meant to improve a dog’s breath. Natural substance such as rosemary oil and peppermint oil are able to provide a dog with great breath. Another surprising aspect of these oral care products is a dog’s indifference to the liquid being sprayed into their mouths, allowing the product to be absorbed into the tissue of the gums and become active against the targeted bacteria.
VitaHound researched and tested the available products on the market and discovered the most effective formula. The product VitaHound offers has been tested by our staff on a large sample of dogs and the results experienced where in line with the findings reported in this article.