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Storage of Vaccine and Medicine in a Pharmacy Medical Fridge

Storage of Vaccine and Medicine in a Pharmacy Medical Fridge

Domestic pharmacy medical fridges are a perfect solution for any situation where temperature performance and silence is an important factor. Suitable locations where these medical fridges would be used are hospital wards, small pharmacy, GP doctor surgery, vets, care homes, health centres, children’s nurseries and retirement homes where the storage of any heat sensitive medicines and vaccines between the temperatures of 2-8A�C are required.

These purpose built medicine fridges are lockable in line with current guidelines and include cutting edge new digital thermostatic controller for excellent temperature control.

New features include a door alarm which sounds after 20 seconds to alert the user that the door remains open. If the door remains open a more intense alarm will sound after one minute to re-affirm that the door has not been closed. The door alarm is a great way of ensuring that the contents of the fridge are stored at their optimal temperature and are fit for use.

The addition of an internal fan gives an increased circulation within the fridge leading to improved cooling performance and also a marked reduction in frost build up on the cooling fins.

A second layer of protection from external ambient temperature is provided with the set of interior drawer protective fronts resulting in markedly improved cooling performance.

To further aid the process of situating a drug storage fridge in a possibly restricted space all medical pharmacy fridge sizes have an option to be wall mounted. These custom made wall bracket sets are designed to be attached to any sound wall surface.

Absorption refrigerators primarily differ from normal domestic appliances in that they do not utilise a compressor. Instead they use a heat input to create a vapour cycle within a closed loop. This makes them totally silent in operation which is a unique benefit in areas where people are resting or sleeping.