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Preventative Care For Your Pet

Preventative Care For Your Pet

We all know that if our pets become ill or injured the first place we would take them is a veterinary hospital. However, an alarming number of pet owners do not make sure the pets they love so much receive the preventative care they need. It is important to start from the very beginning giving your pets routine, preventative care to better their chances of a long, healthy life. It is so important for your animals to receive vaccinations not only for their wellbeing but also your family’s wellbeing.

Regular veterinary visits and routine vaccinations can protect your pets from a number of diseases. Rabies shots will protect your animal from it and ensure your family is not at risk of rabies when around your pet. Save yourself and your family the heartbreak of possibly losing a pet that has been exposed to rabies and go to your veterinary hospital and get them vaccinated! The rabies vaccine is required by law so have your Georgia veterinarian vaccinate your pets for rabies, keeping your loved ones safe and yourself legal as a pet owner. Vaccinations against canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine bordetella, feline leukemia, feline panleukopenia, and other diseases are crucial for your animal.

Your local veterinary hospital can make sure your pet gets all the vaccinations they need depending on where you live and what your pet may be exposed to. There could be necessary preventive care from diseases and viruses that you are unaware of which is why visiting a veterinarian can educate you as to what preventative treatments are necessary for your animal. The heartworm vaccine is another important vaccine for all your pets. Heartworm is a condition caused by a parasite that enters your pet’s bloodstream through an insect bite. Heartworm is a dangerous disease that can kill your pet if you do not prevent or treat it.

Heartworm is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes which can rarely be avoided in the warm months. Even your indoor pets are in danger because it is almost impossible to make sure those tiny little bugs never enter your home when you open your door. Your veterinary hospital can give you a heartworm vaccine that should be administered to your pet every month. This is such an easy step we can take to love and care for our animals ensuring they stay safe against heartworm. Our pets like our children should be vaccinated to keep them happy and healthy for a long time!