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Oral Care in Summer

The hot weather in summer in some way has facilitated the breeding for all kinds of bacteria. For those who pay much attention to their oral health, we have some tips to offer in the oral care in summer time. Now let’s take a look at them.
1. Pay attention to oral hygiene
The temperature is very high in summer. Some people don’t pay enough attention to oral hygiene after eating some spicy food, which makes it easier to appear a large number of dental plaques on the tooth surface, as time passes, they will become dental calculus. If there are plaques and dental calculus on the tooth Dentistry Today Pdf surface which haven’t been removed in time, it is likely to cause gingivitis, periodontitis and a series of oral diseases. Appear finding the dental plaque or dental, one should go to a normal hospital timely for cleaning which is very important to protection of oral cavity and prevention of periodontal disease.
2. Form good eating habits
In summer, one should note not to eat much spice or deep-fried food in order to reduce the stimulation to the gums; barbecued kind of food will directly stimulate the periodontal mucosa, causing congestion and edema which should also be eaten less. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and other food which helps to clear the heat in the stomach, such as green tea, chrysanthemum tea and green bean soup etc. Reduce the number of times of eating sugar, avoid the erosion that the residual bacteria caused to the teeth in order to avoid tooth decay. After drinks like carbonated beverage or orange juice, one should go and gargle with water in time to avoid that the acidity materials it contains damage tooth hard tissue.
3. Pay special care General Dentistry Wikipedia to the teeth
To strengthen the protection for the teeth, such as timely removal of residual crowns and roots, reparation of tooth decay, regular cleaning of the teeth and so on; People who are equipped with false teeth should wash the teeth every now and then and it is better to take off the denture for cleaning and gargle with pure water or brackish water. If there are herpes, gargle with water which contains disinfection substances, no less than five times a day. Of course, the fundamental measure is to have a good arrangement for the summer life. Combine proper work with proper rest, eat less cold food, and pay attention to supplement of nutrition. In doing all this, we can improve the body disease-resistant ability and take good care of our teeth.