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5 Reasons Why People Do Not Go to the Dentist

The Top Five Reasons Why People Do Not Go to the Dentist
1. Lack of Money
2. Not Enough Time
3. Fear Dentalplans Renewal Factor
4. Previous Bad Experience in the Dental Chair
5. Feel that Mouth Health Is an Unnecessary Factor for Overall Body Health
The number one reason for not going to the dentist has to be money. The lack of money, especially money that can be contributed to a dentistry procedure should be one of the most important aspects of overall health but sometimes is not. Many people will buy new cars and neglect their mouth thinking that they could always go to the dentist later but what happens is that time runs out and dentist are then the only option left for them.
Not Enough Time
One of the thinnest excuses for not going to the dentist exists from not enough time. The rebuttal to this time factor that many dentists give their first-time patients is would you have enough time if you had a finger that was fallen off from gangrene? Of course the answer is yes so why not rush to the dentist as soon as you have a problem in your mouth? You need to go right away since one thing leads to another especially with the rapid transition by bacterial growth.
Maturity Should Take Over
The fear factor prohibits us from going to a lot of medical facilities especially when it comes to going to a dentist. Understandably the fear of sitting in that chair and having those drills going off everywhere and the long needles that will transfer the Novocain from the syringe to your mouth or elements of nightmares and other negative dispositions for many individuals. While not totally unsympathetic to the cause of individuals who fear of going to the dentist because of fear itself, this is something that adults need to shelve and leave prior to graduating high school.
Bad Past Experiences
Anytime a person has had a previous bad experience while in the dental chair, this will make the next experience that much harder to go to at all. With a combination of fear and a plethora of excuses the person that had even one negative experience in the dental chair will be 10 times harder to get back into that same dental chair no matter how long will the time span has been or how bad the teeth have become.
Abscesses are Dangerous
The final reason why people do not go to the dentist as often as they should or not at all is because of the thought process that has nothing to or little to do with overall body health. As we all know now as adults a single rotten tooth can cause a variety of illnesses some as near-fatal abscess teeth that has been left untreated. The safest route to take is to visit your dentist at least twice a year and follow the directives given by this professional of the teeth and mouth area.
Why go to the Dentist?
When the kids are frightened to death of going to the dentist they may ask you why go to the dentist at all Daddy? And this question would be asked while holding their mouth in extreme pain. There are five major reasons why people list for not going to the dentist and some may surprise Cons Of Being A Dentist even the savviest of dental fearing individuals. Most adults know that going to the dentist is the only way to have a truly overall whole body health yet the sound of drills and the fear and of pain and all that is associated with dental visits is a very strong phenomenon indeed.
Dentists are not Psychoanalysis
All dentists understand or should understand that an individual may feel very frightened while sitting in the dentist chair and this is when the dentist needs to show their softer side and gently either talk to the individual in a calm serene tone or administer laughing gas. The latter is the normal cases of treatment since dentist are in no way shape or form psychotherapists are psychologists or even psychiatrists! Although they will make you have a great healthy smile and feel 100% better over your whole body they can do nothing for your mind except the relief of knowing that you have a clean bill of health starting in your mouth.