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Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

As a parent, I wouldn’t think of putting my child’s health in the hands of any doctor other than a qualified pediatrician. The same goes for my kids and their dental health. Choosing the right dentist is very important. It aids in fighting the number one condition that affects children’s …

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Dental Care – Why It Is So Important Or I Suck at Taking Care of My Teeth

I spent an entire summer in a dentist’s office because in addition to my horrible eating habits, I hardly ever brushed my teeth. I worked a fast food place with free access to the soda machine. I was putting away at least 64~128 oz of pop at day. In addition …

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Why Taking An Active Approach to Periodontal Disease Is So Important

The most fundamental goal of general dentistry is the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Three quarters of the population of the United States, it is estimated, suffer from some level of gum disease, from mild gingivitis Mini Dental Implants Cost Near Me to advanced periodontitis. What the majority of …


Taking Care Of Your Pet’s Teeth

Oral care for cats and dogs is as important as it is for humans, however it is the most overlooked health care problem among pets. Sixty percent of pet owners do not provide dental care for their pets. Dogs and cats can get plaque build-up and gingivitis just like humans. …

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Taking Good Care Of Your Teeth

Our teeth are very important. For talking, chewing, and smiling. We often take them for granted and do not realize how important it is to make sure that they are well taken care of and never neglected. Find out how you can take the extra measures to make sure that …

Bad Habit

Taking Care of Your Teeth

There are a few things that show as an immediate “cause and effect” of not caring for your teeth and the resulting decay. Dental care is very Dental Clinic Near Me Open Now expensive. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth, decay will set it. It’s that simple. In …

Oral Diseases

Tips on Taking Children to the Dentist

First, most people may think that family dentists and children’s dentists are the same. In some cases that is true, but it requires special pediatric dentistry training to clean and help with a child’s oral health. Depression After Dental Work This may be because, their mouths are smaller than normal, …


Taking Care of Your Dental Health

We often think of going to the dentist as just a necessary part of life. Every 6 months you schedule a check-up, get your teeth cleaned, maybe have a fluoride treatment or some x-rays, hope nothing is wrong with you teeth, and are on your way. Going to the dentist …

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Taking Your Child to the Dentist

Many people are fearful even as adults to go to the dentist. This may be in part because they did not go as a young child and get used to it. It also could mean that they did not have a positive experience as a young child. It is important …