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Things You Can Experiment on When Doing Dental Clinic Marketing

Dental clinic marketing is one of the most important aspects creating a successful dental practice. When you go out and market your dental clinic, there are a lot Aspen Dental Orthodontist of creative things that you can work with, such as posters and fliers. Here are the things you can …

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Low-Cost or No-Cost Dental Marketing

What are the best ways for a new dentist to advertise and get results quickly and cost-effectively?
Firstly, have a website.
A local business has the advantage over large national companies. These companies will have to struggle to get their sites high up in the Google rankings. You are off …

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How Dentists Use the Online Platform for Marketing and Advertising

Anyone and everyone in the business professional are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to stay in business, and that goes for dentists, too. After all, the dental profession is a noble one, and they want to find the most practical and effective way to draw their customers and …

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3 Ways To Judge A Dental Practice Marketing Guru!

What’s the 3 ways you can judge your neighborhood dental practice guru? Well, read this short article and see for yourself. 3 Ways To Judge A Dental Practice Marketing Guru: With the proliferation of the internet… it seems like there’s a “guru” popping up on every other block. It makes …


Dentist Marketing Shows Dental Care Assistant Licensing Requirements

Accreditation requirements for dentist assistants vary by state. It is in your favor to get certification because you will have a better chance of getting employed than those that aren’t accredited. You can also Dentist Career Path usually expect to be compensated much more than those who aren’t certified. There …


How French Garbage Can Help Your Dental Marketing!

If you would like a plan for making your dental marketing successful, then there is a lot to be learned from the garbage that’s piling up in France.
Have you heard?
Workers in France are on strike because French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to increase the age of retirement to …

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Dental Marketing Blunder That Will Bankrupt Your Practice!

Do you ever wonder whether or not you should spend money on dental marketing? If so, then let me share a little story with you.
Dental Marketing Big Blunder:
Every 6 months I go see a dentist. That’s Oral Hygiene Definition because I like having my teeth cleaned.
So 6 …

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How Neighborhood Dental Advertising and Marketing Materials Can Provide Your Greatest ROI

Running a dental practice is more than just cleaning teeth and looking after your patients’ dental services. You actually have to get patients to your practice in the first place in order to work on them, and that requires some serious dental advertising and marketing. There are many different customized …

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Dental Marketing With Classified Ads

Dental Classified Ads that Really Work
When it comes to dental marketing, classified ads are inexpensive and easy to create. By following these few tips, you can create a dental classified ad that brings in new patients on a regular basis.
1. Start with an attention-getting headline.
One big mistake …

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Dentist Marketing Using a BIG Guarantee

If you would like an easy and effective way to boost the ROI of your dentist marketing, then read this short article. That’s because it’ll teach you about a little-known way to increase the effectiveness of your dental advertising.
Here’s a story to explain:
About 10 years ago, I was …