If you own and operate a dental practice, and are looking for a dose of harsh reality about direct response marketing, then give a read to this article because it gives a lesson in why it’s good when your response is not that good.
See for yourself:
I got an email the other day.
From a client I really like.
He owns a small business here in Portland, and just recently we started marketing his business like a house on fire. I’m talking about newsletters… sales letters… web copy… newspaper advertising.
The whole nine yards.
Good news is all of the campaigns are pulling their weight.
What does that mean?
It means they are all breaking even.
Say what?
Yeah, truth is you should look at your marketing like you would a party invitation. The invitation is designed to bring guests to your party, so they can mingle… have fun… and get to know each other a little better.
Direct response marketing is the same dilly-o.
By this I mean your marketing should get someone into your business.
Making money off them is what happens once they are in your business.
So a marketing piece that breaks even (or even loses a little) is good because you can make it up in your backend. What’s your backend?
It’s the long term value of your client.
Let me use myself as an example:
When I owned America’s #1 pet business, I had a marketing postcard that gave targeted dog owners in my neighborhood 50% off their pup’s first appointment. This postcard pulled like crazy but every 1st appointment I lost money.
I had to pay my employee How To Keep Teeth White After Drinking Coffee who handled the dog.
I had rent to pay.
Water. Causes Of Teeth Problems
And all the rest of the bills that go with owning a small business.
But I was okay with losing a little on that first appointment BECAUSE most of these clients scheduled their dog’s next appointment.
And not only that, but…
…a handful rebooked a year’s worth of appointments.
My point?
Don’t expect your marketing to grab a 14% response and flood your business with people that are dying to pay you money. That’s a bunch of baloney that marketing guru’s want to shove down your throat.
Sure this can happen.
But it’s rare.
And more than likely you should try to break even (or even lose a little).
Think BACKEND… BACKEND… BACKEND because that’s where the money’s at!